Since 2011, we have led the effort to provide safe and efficient silica dust suppression for the oil and gas industry. Our ability to do this has spilled into the construction and mining industries and we continue to service all industries to the highest level.


What we do

At Hurricane Energy we strive to provide a full service for all industries when it comes to silica dust and safety when this contaminate is present. We use our silica dust filter units to collect and capture as much of the dust at the initial points of release using a variety of different hoses, tubing, and custom accessories to make this happen. We also provide stand alone air shower units that are used in the cleaning and capturing dust off of any and all workers exposed to the dust. The air shower is an excellent way to reduce and minimize the transfer and release of silica dust to areas away from the work site. In providing a full service to the customer this means that we take care of the disposal in the safest way possible, unlike other companies that will dump it right back onto the ground or leave you with it on your site.