Services and Equipment

Dust Filtration unit

Our dust filtration unit fleet consists of 20,000cfm, diesel powered units all outfitted with 6 ports for maximum usability. These filter units are all equipped with Positive Air Shutoffs and engine heaters for all sorts of working environments. Our units are easily manned by a single operator and we supply operators for 24hr operations. The typical oil & gas setup consists of two truck and trailer combos, one of which is the filter unit, the other our c-can setup containing all the accessories to best cover your dust issues as well as an office space for the operators. Our filter units are available as a un-manned rental when available.


Air shower unit

Hurricane’s Air Shower unit are some of the leading edge units out there. This is not your average setup as our units are fully stand alone and diesel or electric operated. This allows for this decontamination unit to sit away from the sources of dust and be the last thing the worker sees on their way out. The units are able to recirculate filtered air or pull fresh air on each cycle which means it is legally acceptable in all provinces.


picker & hotshot services

We have a fleet of Dodge 5500 with mounted Fassi f80 pickers as well as a Kenworth T800 and a T300 with Fassi 8ton pickers. All these units have the ability to tow trailers up to 40 feet and move a wide variety of items. We also use this equipment to remove the captured dust from all our work locations.